Working With Inspiring Music

The Gate

Title: The Gate … pay special attention to her bo..ugh her boots -grins-


If you guys are like me then you sometimes (or all the time work and jam at the same time) … omg who says jam anymore -sigh- my age is showing. In any event you know what I mean, inspiring music can sometimes allow you to focus and let your canvas speak to you on how it wants to be molded. Here’s my latest music inspired work. It’s a WIP (work in progress) but I put so much work into it already I wanted to share. Perspective tags are my favorite thing to do. It always tickles me because I know I’m working with a flat one dimensional canvas when I start. But the imagination is a wonderful thing.

I’m glad I’m able to create stuff. What’s your inspirational music like? I vary, but for the month its all about the dubstep baby! (yup my age is def showing, I used to be linguistically cool dammit) I’m really into xKore right now. And while I was driving everyone in my house insane I created The Gate 🙂

I would love to hear about what inspires you guys. Comment below and share with me (or not… you know whatevs) …

P.S. I’ll update with a finished version at some point


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