sotw 209 horror

Title: Scream for me (This won 1st place in Pimped Pixels SOTW [Signature of the week] competition)

Argh! What is it about owning a pair of breasts that suddenly renders me incapable of creating accepted grungy dark brooding art? Really?!? … really? Cause women know absolutely nothing about being dark or brooding? Are you serious? Chicks are the most miserable beings on the planet! We have to put up with everybody’s sh** and then some, for you homemakers you put up with kids and husbands or partners and things deemed “woman’s work” which is utter crap! there is no such thing as woman’s work a**holes! When your a** is single its just called chores or stuff you have to do ain’t it? So now you have a woman and its woman’s work?!?! I’m venting I digress…  I had the misfortune of wasting moments of my life I can never get back getting into an argument with an art student who just happened to be on the same bus as me while travelling home this morning. I was showing some of my darker works to a friend, and he snorted! (the prick) snorted and said there was no way I could have captured the “nuances” of such a tortured soul. I had to have had some help.

I admit to seeking counsel from time to time, but that particular piece wasn’t one of them and many artists male and female seek cnc from their peers. THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!! When will it be just about making something and having it appreciated without depreciating the gender of who made it? How did that become a criteria to determine if art is good or bad? If a guy shoveled sh** on a canvas and named it “A Day in the life of Pi” would it be labelled as a masterpiece? I mean come on guys! I’m not trying to pass myself off as some bad ass artist. But recognize that as a PERSON I have some skills and don’t hate on it because it might be better than yours or because I have a vagina (YES I said the V-Word. I have a va-jay-jay)

I’m also not some bitter single female… seriously I’m not. I just -sigh- I have a problem with my sex being a reason why my work can’t be accepted for what it is. And its been a sore spot for me for a long time. There was a point when I had business cards made with just the second part of my first name because it sounds like a guy and by the time I get the commission and the client realizes I’m a woman its already too late for them to back out. But they try to shaft me, mark down prices for work I’ve done, talk to me in a condescending voice like I’m stupid! I don’t like the double standard! I love Graphic Arts and I’ll continue to fight to make my stuff for me and for my family.

But this is a new era. Its time to stop belittling the progress of what women can do. It breaks my heart


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