Title: Avenger (Steampunk is just the greatest little genre created eh?)

I am now discovering that the sight in my left eye is greatly damaged. Due to my illness I have severe nerve damage in my face but I really didn’t think my eye sight would be impacted. It was brought to my attention by the most innocent of cnc on this piece I did which I’ve titled Avenger. I’m unable to distinguish when my lighting is too much. Which is sad cause sometimes lighting and how its depicted can make or break the realistic feel you’re trying to create

In this case I’ve been doing it a lot with my text effects. In comparison to everything else they’re glaringly bright. I had thought it was because I usually saved them for the last thing I work on but it’s a consistent issue(I pulled up more recent work as a basis for comparison)

This made me afraid to lose out on making tags or anything GFX related for that matter. Doing these tags have kept me sane and (somewhat) less unhinged in the face of society. … not that I’m seeking approval from society but it’s easier to get an order of Starbucks coffee when the cashier doesn’t look at you like the spawn of Satan or whatnot. … I’m just saying.

So now I’m wondering what my options will be if I go the doc and he tells me I can’t make tags anymore. I’ve made an appointment to see him this week and he’ll run some tests and we’ll go from there but the fear in my heart won’t dissipate.


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