Title: Spell Caster


So for those of you who are unfamiliar with the word (although as an artist you shouldn’t be) Its passing off someone’s art as your own original work. I’m bringing this topic up because I make tags. I suppose its a sort of taboo type of discussion sometimes we’re accused of “stealing” a render that we use to create a tag. Case in point this little sweetheart. She’s a character of the game Guild Wars Factions. So I liked the render of her and made this tag which is titled Spell Caster. (Its green on DA though)

I’m on Deviant Art so of course this is showcased there as well. A (I’m not sure what to call him stalker fanatic gamer individual maybe?) fellow DA member -sure let’s go with that- got seriously up in arms about the fact that I had not placed as a side note that credit goes to the original makers of this render. Insinuating that I had passed this off as something I had originally drawn. This pissed me off! Now I love making tags -love it- but I’m not going to be trodden by some super fan who gets offended because I didn’t place a credit for the billionaires of this render ( And for those that don’t know what a render is that’s the focal… your main image. So the idea is you have a render and you create an atmosphere to place your render in a setting that makes it look like that’s where its always been as realistically or abstract as possible)

I’m a gamer, a serious hard core die hard PS type a gal (that’s right die a gruesome death Xbox players!) in fact my whole family is, which makes for interesting and disturbing victory dances the likes of which the world should never see. I invest in games (well not now because I’m sick so luxuries are on hold) am I being credited for the amount of money I spend buying these games? Or how much time I spend playing these games? Or how disturbed I make the neighbors doing my famous booty dance of victory?!? NO, there isn’t a single game producer or animator or anyone on the team that makes up the creative portion of games that’s out there going “Hey we should give credit to Waffles for how much devotion she has to the game dude” So my question is if I buy a game and I like a character and I use said character to make a tag I’m a thief? This is my product once moolah is exchanged this software and everything on it belongs to me. So my choice to make fan art as far as I’m concerned is the highest of credits.

I always give credit where its due. I don’t want to be labelled as someone that actively believes in plagiarism it’s wrong. But fan art isn’t and no one should accuse you of it, if that’s what you like to do.


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