Artists’ Block

underwater prison

Title: Underwater Prison


Which is what I call it. Its essentially writers block but well you get the general idea right? So I’ve had a whole three days to make some inspiring tags. And I have nada to show for it. I feel edgy under my skin there’s something that needs to get out and be placed on canvas… but I can’t express it right. I’m …. blocked like a starving man blocked from a buffet by a pack of hungry raging middle schoolers (seriously you should never try to sneak a bagel or anything from under that kind of crowd… not unless you don’t value your fingers, heck your hand while we’re at it. I swear it was like watching night of the living dead… when I threw my poor defenseless friend in the fray hoping that she’d make it back alive, her last words were “help me you fiendish bastard!” before she was swallowed whole by those tiny tots of terror… and I admit to my utter shame I may have laughed uproariously at her demise… but that’s a whole ‘nother story hehe)

So here I am reminiscing on how truly dastardly I can be … and it does make me smile fondly but I’m still blocked. Sometimes no matter how inspired you feel, the translation can be difficult. I’ve discovered that for me personally a block like that usually means that there’s too much happening inside my head and its time to pull out the round table and the panel that lives up there and sort it all out (Since we have already established that I’m only slightly unhinged a panel really shouldn’t surprise any of you) Everyone deals with overcrowding of head space differently. Before I got sick my way of dealing with it was of course to break out a few games call family and friends over and a deal a healthy dose of disturbance all up in neighborhood, there’d be children crying as I beat them without remorse, and mothers calling me a hedonistic villain, and relatives trying to pretend they aren’t related to me even though they’re all in my house eating my food and being leeches and yes even the famous booty dance would break out.

But as my body undertakes this new transition I’m not as energetic as I used to be &  I’m left with this need to free my mind in order to make art but nothing is quite like the chaos of old. What about you guys? How do you deal with artist’s block? Hopefully in a much more erm relatively sane manner. In the meantime between time have a gander at one of my favorite pieces I titled Underwater Prison (Jesus gander really? -sigh- I’m sorry I’m weird). In many ways It represents how trapped I’m feeling at the moment even as the idea of what I’d like to put on canvas circles in my mind but still out of reach. Enjoy guys


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