Staying true to your art

heman teelasml

Title: Teela


As someone who’d like to branch out in the field of Graphic Design the question comes to mind about staying true to yourself as an artist. Many of us have certain do not cross lines be it certain genres or content we will not create. How true do I stay to the path I’ve chosen? Will it impact my profit margin I’ve set? How will it affect my business and customer relations?

These are all super valid questions. As someone with a little experience, I’ve found that whatever hard lines you set at some point is going to affect some aspect of your business.

When I just started out my intended target was to build a solid client base from the average hustler (hustler is not a bad word you guys). Any kind of Graphic they wanted business cards, party/event fliers, customized cases for dvd’s/cd’s basically I tried to market myself as an affordable source for any small business looking to make a mark with their brand or events. Here’s where I had a problem, my hard line was I would not do any derogatory type of graphic. The majority of my client base at that time wanted just that and I hit a snag. I’d be trying to convince a client that a more tasteful flier would be more beneficial to them in the long run but as a promoter targeting a specific audience they would inform me that what I had in mind would not work. This impacted my business… I even broke down and actually made a few of the same type of Graphic I had always been adamant I never would. It made me feel like a traitor… which I suppose can be called bad business sense.

But you know what? Everyone is different you have to decide what’s right for you to do or not do. If you don’t lose sleep over certain things like I do then don’t sweat it. If you have hard no no lines like I do then you have to make sure you are prepared for what that will mean. In the end I firmly believe in staying true to your art. If you build a client base with the guidelines you set you can still have succes. Will it be as profitable if you just do any and everything? No that’s like asking why you can’t make money selling two flavors of ice cream like Joe when he’s selling thirty flavors. Food for thought for anyone thinking of launching a business as a Graphic designer.

So I should be back home by tomorrow and then it’s off to another hospital for the exciting torture of blood work Yay!… I really hate it. Sharing with you my piece I’ve titled Teela. Enjoy guys 🙂


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