Ma awesome parents

earth mother1

Title: Earth Mother

My parents flipping rock! They do… I’m not biased (much) Some of us have had the great fortune of having amazing people in our lives to help mold who we become. For me I had two really disturbed parents. They have no concept of personal space, they do not respect your boundries, they are shamelessly in love and they don’t care who knows it or how completely wrong it is to subject their children to the dreaded whisper and giggle (and other things I just will not share with anyone … your welcome world). They have no idea of what the words “no” or “stop” or “oh god it burns! My eyes!” means nor do they care to attempt to learn. They’re stubborn, and they both have tempers that makes Kratos look like a child playing dress up.

They drive their children bonkers and they enjoy it… but by children I really mean me because that’s all that matters eh?(I can’t tell you how happy that makes me) But I’ll never find that level of support and love anywhere else than from them. They redefine being family oriented, I’ve seen them do things and sacrifice for us in a way that sometimes was shocking and hard for me to come to terms with. They do not understand my love for graphics but they roll with it anyway and listen as I subject them to endless chatter on the topic (endless). I have quite a few pieces that they’re not fond of and I’m confident in knowing that my artwork will never impact how they feel about me (their prrrrecious)

Family is important and life is short and fleeting. Don’t waste your life being estranged from your loved ones … So to my parents a piece that my mother adores titled Earth Mother. Big up yuself family. Enjoy guys 🙂


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