You’re Alive?!?! … I mean Hooray! So Good to See You (hehe)


Wow! Two years huh? I feel like I’m a newborn all over again with WordPress. So to all of my 10 (dang I got two more followers?!) amazing followers thanks for sticking with me. And let the questions begin! “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” Um… “HOW DARE YOU ABANDON THE SWEET SEXY AWESOMENESS! THAT IS BLOGGING YOU TRAITOOOOR!” Well I can expla… “SHUT UP! WHEN WE’RE HYPOTHETICALLY BASHING YOU FOR THE ABANDONMENT!” … … … “SAY SOMETHING DAMMIT! EXPLAIN YOURSELF!” Right.

I’ve been dealing with my real life, as ridiculously harsh as it sounds. I’ve been dealing with my illness and the very slow progress I’ve been making. I’ve been misdiagnosed not once but twice in the space of a year and put through a hella amount of surgery with five  more to go not counting recuperating time and the rest of that drama that is my life. I’ve moved like two times already, which is not a fun experience… … … unless there’s a sexy, strong moving man there & he’s like only there for my amusement and I’m sipping on a mimosa & there’s a pool and my body is fab and I have a fake real boujie accent and he’s in a painfully tiny loin cloth and … ah … -cough- I suddenly lost track of what I was saying. 😐

I’ve been living and loving and losing and hurting and growing and missing (mostly I’ve been missing we’ve established that) It was easier to hide away and shut the world out than to do GFX. I haven’t done a lot with myself in this area. I’ve done the minimum required so I don’t lose the general feel of using Ps but that’s it. I’ve been depressed and had the worst thoughts (which we are hereby dubbing the madness -you’ll see me mention the madness more often-) But I’ve been supported and some of that has kicked my butt back here. But mostly The Madness did it so I suppose we should weirdly be thanking said madness for this re-entry (It won’t make sense its insanity you fools!)

If nothing else I’ll be more inclined to dust of my dusty erm parts and retake the challenge of making tags and the like again so look forward to some of that. And for what it’s worth I’ll be sharing the very little I’ve done. So something (or you know meh) to look forward to. So here’s to re-establishing the sexy awesomeness that is blogging Happy Wednesday Guys!

space princess

I’m Still Cute Though… Right?


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