Experienced Handling

Short post tonight guys. I’m admittedly tipsy -insert sing song voice here- I gots ma alcohol! -grin- & listening to hard core jump my bones music so there’s that. In any event, this tag was made while I was feeling particularly poetic & needy. I’m an alpha female, I have a serious thing for take charge alpha males. They really … Ah excite me.

I like a confident male who’s not intimidated by any daunting task (which includes dealing with me, the round table in my head, & the ever present madness that surfaces quite often depending on my current mood) I also as a side note happen to have a thing for older men (mmm Liam Neeson yum yum yum)

My interpretation of all that, created this titled: Experienced Handler.Happy Thursday Guys 🙂

I got you girl


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