Balancing act

The thing about being ill, it tends to bring out the hidden parts of our personality we didn’t even knew we had. Some of us get a morbid sense of humor when faced with the reality of our fragile, limited, mortality. Some of us go through the stages of grieving, like losing a lost one. Some of us get dark & angry & twisted. … I got all three (what can I say? I’m a complex creature) 

It made balancing how to behave, in what society deems normal, a chore. Like really? Why can’t I punch the barista in the face? Hmm? My coffee has not been stirred to my flipping liking … again! Don’t you look at me like I’m crazy little barista girl I WILL CUT YOU!!! (Inner dialog… I swear I’ve only ever threatened the little barista girl like once this year honest) 🤐

It reflects in my work, & life, & a lot of my art has a decidedly dark tone to it. This piece titled Oracle, was made during my various tests I had to (& still do) undergo. It is not sexy to be a pin cushion not sexy at all. My interpretation of the waiting to discover the unknown fate of my mortality. Happy Sunday Guys 🙂


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