three tone girl of death sml

Title:Skull candy


Well where to start? I’m 31 and I really just love art. I’ve always wanted to create stuff that boggles the mind. I love music of any kind, I’m seriously a music junkie and I have an eclectic taste. My music genres ranges widely Rock, Heavy metal, Latin, Reggae, Classical, K-pop, Dubsteb… love it love it!

In my spare time I make tags (small bits of graphic) on a forum called Pimped Pixels. I’ve also begun showcasing some of those tags on Deviant Art, since I’m trying to gain some exposure. I use Photoshop (big surprise right?) and occasionally Illustrator. Other design programs that greatly interest me are far and few in between but After effects fascinates me so I have it to play with too.

I’m completely up for any commissions if anyone is interested in asking me, I’d be happy to give it a go.


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