Floater … hehe


Titled floating through space … needs more depth but the colors right? Enjoy guys 🙂


I’m back… YAY!!


I’m a sexy CHICKEN!!!

OK I’m back hope you guys had a fabulous break from me hehe. Let’s start off with the great chicken run … I guess that’s what everyone who competed is unofficially calling it. Anyway Peaches from PP started this competition. The challenge was to make a chicken on a skateboard using your art genre of choice. This was mine. Enjoy guys 🙂

Prep for Memorial

Sick tired me. I'm sexy right? :(

Sick tired me. I’m sexy right? 😦

In preperation for Memorial (not the holiday) which is on the 3rd of April. I’m not posting any tags this week. I’ll be back on the 4th guys. Happy Monday guys and have a good week 🙂



Title: Chamber


I made two versions of this, one for PP’S SOTW competition which is a lighter more subdued color. But I really liked the natural blue that came with the render so I also made this. I personally prefer this one and its titled Chamber. Enjoy guys 🙂



Title: Destruction

One of my more successful smudge tags. Titled Destruction. Enjoy guys 🙂

Dante’s Inferno


Title: Dante


Not my best work but meh. This was my tribute to Dante’s Inferno. If nothing else the way he says “Beatrice!” before just straight up diving into the unknown like a boss endeared me to the game. Titled Dante. Enjoy guys 🙂

Flashback Moment


Title: Slave Driver

Flashback! This was made after a few frustrating moments with Maniak_uk my mentor appropriately titled Slave Driver 🙂 Enjoy guys

Animal Magnetism


Title: Animal Magnetism

This was done on a dare that I couldn’t make a lizard look sexy. Hehe Enjoy guys